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Ice Campaign has started at Nikolaev port since 00:00 lt 05.01.2016

From 00:00 lt 05.01.2016 Ice Campaign has been announced at Nikolaev port.

All vessels must advise the following information for Harbor Master:

  • dwt
  • ice class
  • year of building
  • main engine power (hp)
  • main dimensions
  • qnty and material of propellers
  • technical condition of the vessel and radio-navigation equipment
  • actual draught
  • Classification society

Also vessels on departure must have bunkering and stores for minimum 10 days, otherwise port authorities will not release the vessel.

Vessels without ice class must present the Classification Society certificate or permission for one-time navigation in icy sea with ice-breaker at a certain thickness of ice and with appropriate allowable characteristics. These vessels will be considered in each case at a meeting of the ice staff.